The boat is out of the water, and I do hope to come back and post some bits from the second half of that last trip. In the meantime, here are a few more recent photos.

Arriving back home, October 1, with the early morning tide.
[Photo credit: Suzanne Jean]

A few days later, with the rig taken apart and the masts down, Chubba gave us a tow to the boat ramp. Dave McDermott came along to help, and the gray rain held off until we were just about done.[photo credit: Suzanne Jean]

And this one, taken by one of our neighbors:[photo credit: Jon Young]

In the yard the next day, waiting for wash-up.[photo credit: Suzanne Jean]

And then into the boat shed. Yesterday the mainsail got the salt rinsed off of it… Sure does look big, when it’s not on the boat!

It’s nice to be home.