Float Plans

There are several float plan forms available on the Internet (linked below). They provide for varying degrees of detail, but no single one seems to include everything. This inspired me to start making a list that would include all of the items from all the publicly available float plans that I could find, as well as details that were not listed anywhere but that have seemed important to me. Then I had some fun formatting, making a blank for my own use over time. It seems that other people inclined for the more thorough version of this sort of thing might find this form useful also, so voilà: here is yet another blank float plan available on the Internet.

Here’s a version in XML format, for anybody who would like to copy this and then make changes of their own: composite float plan-blank-XML (Please note that if you want to keep the original layout, the margins will need to be set at 0.5 all the way around – this setting is sometimes lost during the download process.)

And here’s a version in PDF format, for those who might want to simply print the pages and fill them in by hand:

At the bottom of both versions is a page with links to each of the float plans that I found already available, from official sources like Boat US, and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary; there is also a link for a page about why it can be a good idea to write one up.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Boat US: http://www.boatus.com/seaworthy/FloatPlan.pdf

Coast Guard Auxiliary Association: http://www.floatplancentral.org/download/USCGFloatPlan.pdf

Nautical KnowHow: http://www.boatsafe.com/nauticalknowhow/boating/float1.htm

US Power Squadron: http://www.usps.org/o_stuff/fp_form.html

Why Prepare a Float Plan: http://www.uscgboating.org/safety/float_planning.aspx

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