This blog is about sailing, and about why I go sailing.  The boat: Bolger designed glasshouse Chebacco, 20 feet long, fitted out for extended trips.  Primary interests: saltwater coastal – and perhaps offshore – cruising, and working out the details of seasteading.  Foraging and growing vegetables aboard, water catching, and improving my abysmal fishing skills.  Traditional rigs and methods, and ways to make things work with the most ease, and the most security…   The “why” is probably going to take the entire blog to answer.

The skipper: Shemaya Laurel moved to Gouldsboro, Maine in 2015, after living in western Massachusetts for many years.  Presently “retired” and focusing on boat projects.  Previously she worked as an American Sign Language interpreter, and more recently was involved in cleaning up the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts.

Contact by e-mail at:  ShemayaLaurel at yahoo d0t com – If you don’t hear back, please get in touch by leaving a comment on the blog. Rafts of spam have meant that anything that slips into the spam filter might not be seen before the whole thing gets deleted!

Thanks for coming to visit this site!

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Shemaya! I happily stumbled across your blog in search of ideas about boat farming! My husband and I are liveaboards on our sailboat, The Red Thread, in Seattle. I look forward to following you and to learning from you! ~Jessie

    • shemaya said:

      Hi Jessie,

      Hey, that’s great that you’re finding some helpful stuff here. What kinds of boat-farming are you thinking of? If you feel like sharing how it goes, I’d love to hear!

      Thanks so much for writing,

      • Hey, Shemaya….would love to follow you here…I didn’t know you worked as an ASL interreter!

        • Hi Helen! So glad you’re having some fun with this, odd Shemaya trivia and all. Interpreting was during that time in New Hampshire, back a while, before the assorted health issues intervened. Sure was interesting work.

          I hope you enjoy following the blog – I’ll try for some more farm posts, to mix in with all the boat details!


  2. Paul Follansbee said:

    Hi Shemaya,
    My wife and I met you in Stockton Harbor a couple of weeks ago. Am enjoying your blog, especially the comments on sailing as meditation. Look forward to reading more.
    Paul and Debbie

    • Hi Paul and Debbie,

      How wonderful to hear from you! And I’m so glad that you’re enjoying bits of the blog. I do keep thinking about the sailing and meditation subject. It’s been interesting to observe in action, now that I’m feeling more aware of what’s going on. How about yourselves? How does that work for you?

      Here, I’ve been home for a few days. After our visit I had a nice time at Holbrook, and then record speed, on perfect wind and tide, back to Joy Bay in two days. That was a real surprise, for that little boat! Since then there’s been one more trip, east, this last time, and now home. That might be about it for this year – AUKLET goes well into the fall, having a charcoal heater and all those windows. SERENITY, not so much. But what a fantastic summer boat, the Peep Hen. It remains a real treat that you knew what it was.

      Thanks again for that OUTSTANDING French toast!

      All best wishes to you both,

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