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Dave Zeiger, and motorless sailing barges; Dave and Anke live aboard in Southeast Alaska. If you want to go sailing but think that you can’t afford it, you might want to check this out. This blog is a treasure trove related to sailing technique, living aboard in remote areas, and self-sufficiency.
“one woman at sea, trolling for truth”
beautiful writing, coming out of living and commercial fishing in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska. If you visit this blog and like what you find, be sure to also look at the comments. It’s an exceptional community going on over there, with thoughtful writing being done by many participants, including a number of women who fish commercially.
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Sven Yrvind, who builds and then sails very small motorless sailboats, across oceans, with marvelous stories from the Southern Ocean
Roger Taylor, who sails the junk rigged, motorless sailboat Ming Ming — and now Mingming II — all over the far-northern North Atlantic. Tremendous videos of small-boat Arctic sailing. See:
Annie Hill, the author of Voyaging on a Small Income, more recently solo on her junk rigged sailboat in New Zealand.
another woman, Shirlz, living and sailing, solo, on a junk rigged boat, in the Caribbean and Central and South America
From Janine’s blog, saying it all:
“this blog is the place i’m keeping the myriad bits and pieces of my journey to the sea.
i’m hopeful that they’ll be of use to other people yearning to sail who may believe that they’re too old, too stiff, too poor, too whatever that keeps them from pursuing their dream. i’m hopeful because i am all of those things and i’m here to tell you, it doesn’t matter. none of it. i’m living proof cause…
i’m in new york city and i’m fucking sailing!”
~ Janine Georgette

Where is Tara Tari (This link is to the first page, where the current story began.) The blog is written by Capucine Trochet, a woman who singlehands and lives aboard a long narrow boat, of the design of a Bangladeshi traditional fishing boat, made out of polyester resin and using jute instead of fiberglass. In 2011, Capucine sailed this boat across the Atlantic! This will mean more to you if you go to the site and see the picture of the boat… Previously, Tara Tari was sailed from Bangladesh to France by the original owner, Corentin de Chatelperron, as part of a project to develop boatbuilding techniques using indigenous materials in Bangladesh. More on that project can be seen here:

The tricky thing about these two Tara Tari blogs is that they are mostly in French. Of course, that’s a *good* thing if you’re trying to revive your French language ability! And even more for those for whom French is a primary language. Capucine’s writing is especially beautiful. Google Translate works relatively well also…

(2015-currently posting mostly to facebook: )

One might notice that these favorite blogs are pretty heavy on junk rig representation. There are good reasons for that. A, I’ve chosen to read them partly because I’m so interested in junk rigs, and B, junk rigs are so well-suited to the tasks at hand. With luck, by the next time the boat goes in the water, AUKLET will be junk rigged too.

~ ~ ~ Splash! September 14, 2014, with new junk rig ~ ~ ~

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