Last year, 2012, was a big year for AUKLET. The boat and I were out for just a few days short of seven months, from the Connecticut River to Maine and back. There are two groups of photos from this trip: a short one, including brief captions, and a long one, with more extended captions, that really covers the whole excursion. All of those photos can be seen by following this link: http://smu.gs/YMk58O

The header photo on this blog is from that trip, taken by Suzanne Jean in Belfast Harbor, Maine.

Before AUKLET, I was sailing in SERENITY, a 14 foot Reuben Trane designed Peep Hen, which is a highly entertaining fiberglass microcruiser. Information about Peep Hens can be found at the Yahoo group titled Hensnest, among other places.

Photos from trips in SERENITY can be found here: http://smountainlaurel.smugmug.com/Sailing/Serenity-14-ft-Peep-Hen

Each of the SERENITY trips involved tremendous amounts of help from adventurous and generous crew, who took turns accompanying me on outings that went as long as three weeks. I am forever grateful!

All of these trips, on both AUKLET and SERENITY, take place thanks to enormous amounts of help from many, many people. Both as crew, and as “shore support,” bringing supplies, meeting up in all manner of faraway locations, arriving with food, and tools, and lovely good cheer. The entire concept of Shemaya in boats has been an extraordinary team effort, and I deeply thank everyone who has been part of this sometimes far-fetched undertaking.