I have started this blog knowing full well that I, who write by speech recognition, have laryngitis. Precious bits of voice come and go, are measured, metered throughout the day, for so many necessities. Social connection, help, and stupid phone calls related to Internet order confusion.

I think about
what I really want to say.

This blog, begun now, in preparation for sailing. Because I had more to say last year than made sense for photo album captions. And because it seemed it would be easier to figure out at home, with endless computer electricity, and near-seamless Internet connection. I was right about that, and I’m glad that I did.

AUKLET launch 2013 has now been planned and postponed for enough dates that I’m not even telling people the new one. Maybe it’ll happen, and I’ll write from the water!

Meanwhile, driveway projects continue – and I write.