Over Labor Day weekend, now just past, we had a gathering of junk rig sailboats and sailors here in Joy Bay, and in Gouldsboro Bay. What a good time we all had! There will be articles in the Junk Rig Association magazine, but in the meantime here are some pictures.
[photo credit Craig Pursell]

We had five junk rig boats sailing, one on the dock, and four more boats that were not junk rig, for a total of nine boats out there with sails up. MARIGOLD, my Portland Pudgy, had it’s just completed junk rig, which has been working out quite well. So AUKLET stayed at the float, while I had some fun tearing around in MARIGOLD.
[photo credit: Craig Pursell]

There was another small boat, trailered all the way from Missouri, a Mirror dinghy with a bright red sail.
[photo credit Jeannie McDermott]

And this one, an O’Day Widgeon, which is the boat design on which I learned to sail. [photo credit: Shemaya Laurel]

Along with yours truly, happy camper.
[photo credit: Craig Pursell]

[photo credit: Craig Pursell]

Dave and Jeannie sailed over from the other side of Joy Bay, to join in the fun:
[photo credit: Mike Lyons]

The biggest boat, TERRAPIN, at 38 feet was the grandest thing not only here at the junket, but that I have ever seen here in Joy Bay. Breathtaking.
[photo credit: Suzanne Jean]
[photo credit: Craig Pursell]

The intermediate size boats were gorgeous too. This one came under sail from Penobscot Bay:

And this one on a trailer all the way from North Carolina, specifically with the junket in mind:
[photo credit: Mike Lyons]

[photo credit: Mike Lyons]

My friend Chubba brought his Cape Dory 25, as well as extending wonderful hospitality to the whole group.
[photo credit: Mike Lyons]
[photo credit: Chubba Kane]

AUKLET dressed ship for the occasion, and TERRAPIN came in to our float at high tide. That was extra special!
[photo credit: Suzanne Jean]
[photo credit: Shemaya Laurel]

We all had the best time, from Thursday until Sunday, with gorgeous weather to match. [photo credit: Luke Tanner]

Thanks to everybody, for making it such a treat!

[photo credit: Luke Tanner]


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