For the last couple of years, I’ve been part of a team within the Junk Rig Association that has been working on a glossary of junk rig terms, for everything from parts of the rig and types of junk rigs, to terminology related to sailing them. Others had been working on this for quite some time before I was invited to join the effort. It’s been a great project, and I’m delighted to say that the JRA Junk Rig Glossary is now available to the public! It can be found (for free – all 56 pages!), in the public section of the Junk Rig Association website:

This link is also included in the “Glossary” tab here at the top of this blog, for easy reference. The glossary itself is a PDF, and can be downloaded from the JRA site for printing or more convenient use. Comments and feedback are most welcome; on behalf of everybody on the JRG editorial team, we hope that you enjoy it, and find it useful!