Just now it’s January, 2015. It’s supposed to be 0° tonight, which has happened more than once already in the last couple weeks. The boat project has been on hiatus, while the main focus is going to packing. This is the first time that the boat project has had a significant pause in so long that it’s hard to remember – three years maybe? I look forward to coming back refreshed, when the weather starts showing signs of eventual warmth.

In the meantime, it has seemed a good moment for reflecting on the projects that went on last year. During the winter, and while the boat was here in the driveway through the summer, a lot of work happened. All thanks go to Suzanne and Theo, with some extra help from Stephen, and from Henri and his machine shop! Here’s what kept us busy for so long (this is the actual working list, with items moved from the “to-do” section, in categories, to the “completed” section, when they were checked off):

Winter Projects 2013/2014

(———— = Theo)

Build junk rig

Rigging for junk rig
install small cleat on starboard cabin top rail?
additional cleats for mainsail?

———–Rudder/tiller repair – DONE!!!

Bottom paint–done!!

Exterior paint

Indoor Paint Shop

General projects


install new trailer jack –Richard?


install wiring and switch for cockpit compass light
——–drill holes for plant rack locking pins





spare sunbrella –edges

The “it would be nice” list
starboard berth seatbelt

mud boards for beaching legs– holes in middle, epoxy and paint – done
repair anchor light–done!
drain water tank–done
make up lines for beaching legs – done
smooth and epoxy hole edges at base of rudder tube/well – done
design junk rig – indoor project – done
make junk rig sails– Stuart! – done
install copper flashing inside lower rudder tube/well–done
address old caulk and soft wood underneath rudder pintle–done
motor mount touchup–done
make junk rig main and mizzen yards – done
make beaching legs – done
make cargo boom jaws – done
seal for lower edge of stove drop board – done
rudder/stock – antifouling below; house paint above – done
tiller strap wood spacers – done
tiller/rudder stock “clamp” – done
tiller – done
make batten wooden end plugs??–done!
epoxy exposed wood on keel (scrapes from 2013)–done
seizing on new dock lines – indoor project–done
Finish shaping batten ends–done
mizzen mast – wedges for belaying pin rail–done
Belaying pins and rail for mizzen–done
seizing –leather!– on tiller –done
install swivel on secondary anchor/chain–done
make organizer for navigation tools–done
seizing on anchor line–done
reseat rudder pintle/reinstall rudder –done
battens – cut aluminum tubing to length, smooth ends, install wooden end plugs–done
splice primary anchor line/chain, load into starboard locker – needs seizing; needs markers–done
Bottom paint–done!!!
yuloh paint –done
push pole paint – done
round off lower ends of partners expansion–done
modify tricolor–done
re-drill water tank overflow–done
make bow compartment watertight cover–done
drogue attachment plates – drill for bolts, lay out backing plates, get them drilled, install attachment plates–done
install bow compartment watertight cover–done
Smooth off new aluminum mainmast–done
cut new aluminum mainmast to length –done
make and install rubbing strakes on eyebrow (for fender lines) – made, waiting for installation after paint–done
plug forward limber hole – done
vinyl flap on motor mount – done
re-bed stem band – done
new boot stripe above existing bottom paint (?) – Done!!!
make and install exterior overflow for freshwater tank–done
Reinstall trailer bow roller–done
main boom core–done
design and build euphroes–done
clean and test bench rope cutter–done
sew hatch cover edges – done
epoxy and reinforce cabin-top rails where splitting/delaminating–done!
sunbrella inner closure for companionway – done!
install main boom ends – done
tiller/rudder stock connection – final installation done!
new rudder stop – needs wedge – done, in paint shop
make Shemaya safety harness–bought–adjust? – done
install drogue access deck plate–done
deal with masthead fittings – done
sunbrella flap for Torqeedo control panel – indoor project–done
adjust trailer bunks–done
take trailer off blocks–done
assemble Purcell Prusik safety tether, test for length–done
install telltale compass inside cabin–done
make four euphroes – in paint shop–done
head cover velcro tiedown–done
adjust mainmast tabernacle and step for forward rake – done
mount tricolor, antenna bracket – done
install rudder stop wedge – done
run electrical and antenna cable–done
sunbrella over cockpit outlets–done
install battens, yards, in sails– done
work out and install batten parrels and quick-release rings/quick links – done
work out and tie on sheetlets – done
connect tricolor wires–done
rig mizzen mast–done
vinyl chain guard permanent installation–done
Rig new mainmast–done
adjust for new mainmast retaining pin position–done!
install mizzen sheet cleats near companionway –stbd done–done
forward cabin hatch – screw down or add hatch dogs –done
attach primary anchor–done
clean inside stovepipe (scrape with bamboo)–done
replace electric brakes emergency battery unit–done!
drill and epoxy for eyestrap for anchorchain–done
install eyestrap for anchorchain–done
mainsail bundle roadcover–done
**autopilot wiring**– done

Completed painting
rub rail–done
toe rail, eyebrow paint–done
bowsprit touchup – done
tabernacle parts epoxy and paint –done
mainmast tabernacle, when adjustment is complete–done
cabin top rail splits, after epoxy – done
rudder stop wedge–done
tabernacle piece–done
bulwark rails–done

Theo tasks – indoor

yuloh–widen middle socket
seizing on tethers

Theo – outdoor

/////////test windows to confirm lexan

mast fitting –done
make rudder stop wedge, drill for fasteners – done
rudder/tiller connection – install clamp, tiller straps – done
make tiller stop, to prevent falling down–done
make wood spacer for mainmast tabernacle – done
install mainmast band – done
install rudder stop wedge (Suzanne) – done
install tricolor bracket – done(Suzanne)
install antenna bracket – done(Suzanne)
drill wire holes – top of mast and at tabernacle – done(Suzanne)
install wood spacer to mainmast tabernacle – done(Suzanne)
adjust trailer bunks – done (Stephen)
take trailer off blocks – done (Stephen)
rudder stop, to prevent jamming sideways – done
install telltale compass inside cabin – done(Suzanne!)
open fairleads–made new–done
sort out mast raising derrick–done
extend underneath cleat at back of forward locker cover–done
sort out mainmast retaining pin –done
forward cabin hatch – screw down or add hatch dogs –done

no or not now

stove bracket on footwell hatch?–no
storm boards for windows–no
Oar locks on bulwarks
removable oar blade to fit on push pole
make electrical locker easier to close
Smooth off old aluminum mainmast – paint?–no
Figure out fisherman anchor stowage – not now
install eye straps for main sheet blocks – no
add flotation fastened inside berth lockers – fenders?–not now
check beaching legs as starboard berth leeboards–later
test windows to confirm lexan–not now
make up lines for mud pads for beaching legs–later

… There was another list, that started in August, but this seems like quite enough!