Two or three weeks ago I learned a new trick with the blog, and as a result there are now a couple of additional headings that you can click on at the top of the main page. One of them says “Say Hello!” But it hasn’t been getting much traffic, and I think that the folks who “follow” the blog don’t see it at all. So here’s a link:

It’s utterly intriguing to me, the question of who’s actually reading this stuff. If you’d like to say a quick hello, or introduce yourself more thoroughly, it would be a real treat. And thank you to all of you who have been in touch already! I think that it’s fun for other readers, as well as for me.

So please do consider yourself invited… Here in the northern hemisphere – and especially for those of us in the somewhat more northern part of the northern hemisphere – it’s now snowy and cold. I’m writing this at one in the afternoon, and it’s 15°F outside, with snow falling. What better than to hang around and visit! I hope you’ll join in.

With very best wishes for wonderful holidays,