Well, I understand that the blog post titled “Change” accidentally went out to all the followers again yesterday! This is because I was tinkering with settings, on the theory that perhaps it would be good to have this blog not include this particular post and similar ones. “Thoughts on Rescue” is also in this category, getting into the overlaps between sailing and trauma recovery. I have thought of moving these posts into a separate blog specifically for that collection of work.

Now that the post titled Change has been unintentionally brought to everybody’s attention again, it seems like a good opportunity to ask readers – since there are quite a few at this point, much to my amazement! – what you think. Does it matter to anybody, one way or the other? Do you have preferences for seeing the blog Sailing Auklet focused on trip stories, boat organization, and sailing/boat handling, and leaving the deeper stuff about Why Go Sailing to a separate place with a link? Or are you reading this blog actually because it includes the whole story, in all its intertwined, complicated ways?

If you’re inclined to let me know, please do! Either by commenting here or sending an individual e-mail. Thanks!

Next post, a tiny update…