For the more local folks who might have wondered, that last night in Cradle Cove worked out fine. With the forecast for the big north wind coming overnight, I got ready to move into the north corner of the cove, behind the island with the little beach to the east. The main part of the front went by with a rain/wind squall in the afternoon, and after that was done I had a tiny sail across the cove to the new spot. Two anchors, and the tide getting low when the strongest wind was forecast, after midnight, and it worked out just fine. A little bouncy earlier in the night when the tide was high, but nothing horrible. I liked that after the squall went by the wind stayed some version of north from then on, so the two anchor lines didn’t even get twisted around each other!

Next day that north wind was good for combining with the tide and going down the bay. Even with the eventual calm, and then wind shift to the southeast (predicted northwest, naturally…) it still worked to get to Tenants Harbor by midafternoon. Now I’m anchored in Long Cove, in a corner I never tried before, near a friend’s house. The wind is predicted to be southwest for days, so I get to stay in the area, which I’m looking forward to.

Among other things, it’s a chance to write a little bit. One way this blog could go over the next while is toward more of a focus on catching up with various bits about the boat and sailing/living arrangements. I’m thinking that I’ll do short posts to let folks know how the sailing itself is proceeding, but unless there’s something extra special to share about that process, after a while it’s all kind of the same – sails go up, anchor goes up (sometimes in reverse order), wind comes and goes, boat and I make gradual progress toward our fall boat ramp. How interesting (or boring!) is that??

So now I’m off to write about the leecloth… which doesn’t sound like much, but has had an enormous impact on my day-to-day life. The southwest wind has started up, and I’m quite content to be where I am, watching the lobster boats, and doing a little more visiting for a few days.