It’s happened again – miraculous. Boat – and I – went in the water on Sunday, June 9. Close to a week at Warren and Margo’s dock, in Deep River (Connecticut) and then gradually down the river. Hiding out in back of Goose Island for a storm out of the northeast, with a tremendous visit by canoe from Mike, and then a morning visit with Suzanne at the Old Lyme Dock Company a little further down river. Issue with an anchor swivel resolved, and a few more supplies, and then a sweet little sail down to North Cove in Old Saybrook. Thunderstorms and rainbows, and a couple of days later we (AUKLET and I) were out of the river!

Old Saybrook to Block Island, and then Block Island to Cuttyhunk. First thing yesterday morning, Cuttyhunk to Waquoit Bay, on the south side of Cape Cod, and then today back over to Falmouth. Suzanne comes tomorrow – supplies, and a chance to fill in an absentee ballot for our pesky Senate race here in Massachusetts. Not to mention visiting!

Now the wind is blowing like crazy, and I’m happy to be in such a snug harbor. Tuesday morning, weather permitting, it’ll be back out of the marina-filled harbor, and maybe down to Cotuit, for quiet water and some time to enjoy the pretty sand.

Last night in Waquoit there were lots of striped cusk eel sounds – that rhythmic clicking, calling back and forth from different locations, sometimes right underneath the boat. So glad that I finally know what that sound is! Thank you to Rodney Rountree for identification of a recording from last year in Wellfleet.

So that’s it for now. In another post I’ll put the list of improvements we made over the winter – the time, and effort, and production are feeling quite worthwhile along about now… Hooray for AIS, and for a water tank (among other things)!

And my many, many thanks to everyone who has helped to make this possible. It is so truly a team undertaking, and I dearly thank each of you.